Start Here!

This is a recipe blog, so I’m not going to attempt to explain why the Paleo diet is the key to optimal health. It’s simple, it’s delicious, and it works for me. Here are some great resources to get you started:

Robb Wolf is the “Paleo Godfather” and his FAQ site lays out the ground rules of the Paleo lifestyle.

Paleo Pepper has put together the ultimate guide to some of the best posts the paleosphere has to offer. is a great forum with a strong following.

Chowstalker is a constant source of Paleo recipe inspiration.

Dessertstalker is Chowstalker’s sweet little sister. But, remember, moderation!


Sean Croxton hosts Underground Wellness, where he interviews specialists from various disciplines of health and wellness. Subscribe on Itunes and download every episode- you can thank me later.

This Week in Paleo is entertaining and really digs deep with his content. I particularly enjoy the “after the bell” segment.

YogaDownload has 20-minute yoga sessions you can download for free via Itunes.